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For the next nine and a half minutes, I could not get a word in edgewise. When he started babbling about the metaphorical underpinnings of Anna Karenina, I decided that this date was over. This post is a shout-out to the ever-pervasive Sunglass Douche phenomenon that has taken the online dating scene by storm. His opened by telling me that he has just come out of a four-year relationship. When he found out that I work in academia, his opening line to me was “What do you think is the most salient geopolitical issue for the next ten years? That’s about as sexy as saying, “What is your take on wool socks for middle-aged men? It was around 3am on a Sunday night, and I was working late to make a deadline. Genius’ real name).” And without saying a single word in response to my “Nice to meet you,” Mr.I was typing away in the living room, just chilling in my blue fuzzy onesie (yeah, totally sexy). Genius then turned right around and walked out of the room. Later on, he walked in and decided to say only two words: “I’m gay.” What?! Ten Minute Wonder, who will now be abbreviated as Mr. That’s the whole point of online dating: efficiency and ease of use.

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The program restricted all packages coming into the three prisons participating in the pilot to items purchased from a list of six department-approved vendors.

I did some conspicuous coughing (I actually did have a cold, so this wasn’t entirely faking), said something about how terribly ill I was feeling and about how I should have probably postponed the date in the first place — all the while scrambling to put on my coat as quickly as possible. I don’t know how many of you have come to this conclusion about the role of sunglasses in online profiles… Clearly, upon emerging from his four-year cocoon, he has completely forgotten that bringing up emotional baggage or exes in the early stages of dating is absolutely taboo.

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