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29-Dec-2017 21:53

I am not one to call 911 EVERYONE knows this but my life was in danger.

The guys who did this (Andy Sebade) and his friends even came back to where I was stranded and they threaten to kill me right in front of Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg.

Please also feel free to contact this idiot Sheriff Sergeant Garrieth Cash Klienberg as his info is above as well on the scan of his card.

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My Huskers pulled out a very close call the other day!They were very drunk and threaten to kill me, they tried to keep me against my will, slashed my tires, chased me to my car and shot guns off as I was leaving (I can't prove they shot at me).I had to call 911 and was stuck in the middle of nowhere scared to death, I literally thought I was going to die .The Data Entry Associates will be responsible for entering data utilizing multiple systems.

They are responsible for ensuring data is entered timely and accurately in all systems.I know it was the first game of the year but it wasnt supposed to be so close.