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Beatrice Lille with a Whiting & Davis ring mesh purse.Trailblazing French designer, Paul Poiret, the first to design without rigid tailoring and corseting while also launching cosmetics, perfumes and housewares lines, collaborates with Whiting & Davis to create colorful bags with “Parisian allure.” 1940s During World War II, a shortage of raw materials leads Whiting & Davis to temporarily stop production of its metal mesh bags and turn its attention to supporting the war effort by manufacturing radar equipment.Admire our unique designs as they bring out the best in this remarkable material.See how functionality still stays top of mind with adjustable straps and convenient interior pockets. Whiting designs the first mesh bag, with all rings formed and joined by hand.

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In 1876, Wade Davis & Company, the precursor to Whiting & Davis, is founded by William H. Charles Whiting joins the company in 1880 at age 16 and swiftly moves up the ranks to management. Davis form a partnership and raise the money to purchase the company, renaming it The Whiting & Davis Company.A 2012 Vogue Germany editorial featuring a Whiting & Davis fringed bag.A Whiting & Davis dimple mesh minaudiere in Shape, December 2012.At Whiting & Davis we’ve been joining little metal tiles into shimmering sheets of possibility since 1876.

Fashion trends are changing all the time; one thing that has remained constant is the glamour of a Whiting & Davis handbag. Delight in the luxurious feel of top quality brass metal mesh.

Smooth, sleek and silky, our handbags move with grace and fluidity. By 1912 a machine is invented to automate the mesh making process.