Dating stone tools

12-Jun-2017 02:43

Around the same time, some areas of South America were also developing pottery technology.With the introduction of Bronze metallurgy, the Stone Age came to an end.In addition, some researchers have claimed that the earliest stone tools might even have an earlier origin: 3.4 million years ago.Although no stone tools that old have been found, some bones showing signs of striations and gouges have been found in Ethiopia, which might represent cut marks made with stone tools.Clay is another material which is abundant in the bulk of Stone Age material remains.Clay can be fashioned into a desire shape and baked to fix its form. Usable clay is widely available, which explains why pottery was independently invented in many parts of the world at different times.Thomsen, who came up with a framework for the study of the human past, known as the “Three Age System”.The basis of this framework is technological: it revolves around the notion of three successive periods or ages: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, each age being technologically more complex than the one before it.

In fact, the earliest tools pre-date the emergence of the Homo genus, and it is believed that some of the Australopithecines were the first tool makers.In time, bronze became the primary material for tools and weapons, and a good part of the stone technology became obsolete, signaling the end of the Stone Age.

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